Would Have Been Anyways

Kim Balla
Quinton Maldonado
Andrew Lui Robinson
Tyl Will

September 2 - 30

The construction of illusionary space through grounds, pigments, pixels, and manipulation of light, inform our experience of the end product from the culmination of its history that the foundation of the piece has accrued. Being created from the same materials, or existing in a similar physical form as other artworks; as it can be categorized, art converges into sameness. Presence collapses and art becomes predetermined as if it would have been anyways. As such, the artists featured in this exhibition attempt to undermine illusionary space by creating atmosphere. Blending installation, nontraditional forms of painting, and digital processes, these works strive for presence over presentness through engagement and movement of both viewer and media. In doing so they not only address illusion, but physicality, straining the habits of our perception.