Tru Luv Hz

Dana Ollestad
Kole Galbraith


This event features sound artists Dana Ollestad and Kole Galbraith, who will be coming together for a single night of sound performance and installation.

Dana Ollestad is a multi-media artist and curator currently based in Richmond, Virginia. His work presents seemingly simple gestures that facilitate experience and encounter, using the participation of the audience to create open-ended structures that may be influenced, but never fully controlled. He is a recipient of a VMFA Professional grant, a co-organizer for the Studio Two Three Film and Video Series, and the instructor for a community Super 8mm filmmaking workshop.

Seattle-based noise and drone musician Kole Galbraith explores the flexibility and viability of rock and roll-based instruments' revolutionary aspects in various settings and contexts. He has been an active performing musician in the pacific northwest for the past two years, and has exhibited music at galleries and DIY performance spaces throughout Washington, Oregon, and Austria.