Rachel Hsu
Jake Fetterman

JULY 2-28

This exhibition explores themes of identity and transition through sculpture and installation. The simulation of commonplace objects and lived-in space references emotions ranging from nostalgia to futility, suggesting the extent to which any material can possess memories and narratives. Through specific alterations, these works question the moral judgement placed on conformity and retrograde. 

Rachel Hsu is a Seattle-based visual artist who works primarily in large-scale sculpture, video, and sound. She received a BFA from Western Washington University in 2015 and has been creating a new body of work revolving around identity and memory. Hsu has spent most of that time coming to terms with concepts of solitude and stillness, while creating work tied to the space in which it is made.

Jake Fetterman currently resides in Northern Washington working out of an old dilapidated carriage barn building a portfolio for graduate school. He graduated from Western Washington University with a BFA in ceramics and sculpture in 2015 and was recently accepted to CU Boulder to do a post-bacc in ceramics for the 2017/2018 year, and will be moving to Colorado this August.
Instagram: @rs_hsu
Instagram: @jakefetterman