Familiar Hindsight

Hannah L. Rivers
Bonnie Smerdon

November 4 - 26

Familiar Hindsight showcases new work by Hannah L. Rivers and Bonnie Smerdon, two artists using paint to reconstruct inherent memory. Memories, like dreams, are malleable and shift at the recall or retelling of a moment. This slightly altered memory then becomes embedded within the original experience. Both artists use painting to mark a checkpoint for lived moments.

Rivers interprets formative memories of the Wyoming landscape on a macro level by delineating specific colors, movements, and line. These fragmented visual elements are then used to create the structure of the painting. Like piecing together a memory, Rivers uses small visual details to build the bigger picture.

As a method of reading dreams and memory, Smerdon paints by overlapping vignettes of lived space and images to create an environment. By using familiar light and architectural scenarios, this work creates an awareness of revisiting a space you have seen before.

Both bodies of work refer to landscape as a mark of personal experience requiring hindsight to rebuild the present.