Curators interested in putting together group exhibitions can email proposals to Please include the following information (PDF files are preferred)*:

  • Description of exhibition concept, list of artists involved
  • 5-10 images of work 
    • Include artist name, titles, size, medium, and year made. Specify whether images are works to be shown or examples of past work.
  • For each artist involved, include:
    • Website link, if applicable
    • Artist statement, gender pronouns

In the subject line of the email, please include: your name and the words curation proposal 

* If participating artists are not finalized yet, a detailed description of the show and the aesthetic/content of work sought may be submitted. 


All submissions will be viewed, but we will only respond to those that align with our mission statement, aesthetic, and availability. Please do not call or email back to follow up. We do not make appointments to view artwork unless further directed. Limited time slots are available, but we want to encourage all artists to continue their practice and visit our exhibitions, lectures, and critique groups.