A to B One Thru Five: Studies in Getting From One Place to Another

Peter Rand

August 5 - 27

and so here we all are, well, some of us at least. a few of us.
and, later, most of us will be somewhere else, 
even the people that aren’t here, 
and most of those places, 
where we are at, 
will be different. 
but all of us, will have gotten there, 

Peter Rand is an artist working with video, installation, interactive media, sculpture, socially engaged art, and performance. His work focuses on a variety of topics including identity, urban spaces, technocentrism, synesthesia, and the absurd. Peter’s work has been exhibited internationally and he has collaborated on public art projects for the cities of Santa Monica, Dallas, and Rome. He has received a BFA in New Media Art from the University of North Texas, and an MFA from the School of the Arts & Architecture at UCLA and currently works for Disability Rights Washington where he assists in the design and creation of videos, graphics, and animations advocating for and increasing awareness around disability rights.